The Deller Family

A comprehensive genealogy

Welcome to this comprehensive genealogy of the Deller families that originated in England

This website started off as an attempt to trace the roots of my wife's family. My interest had been piqued by a family history compiled in 1978 by Lorna Belfrage, one of the grandchildren of Arthur Deller who migrated to Australia in 1854 aboard the ship Maria Hay. Travelling with Arthur were his two brothers Charles and James and their respective families - my wife's great great grandfather was Charles. Lorna had done a tremendous amount of work on the families since their arrival in Australia but, without the luxury of today's internet-based sources, had been unable to progress back further than their parents William & Mary Deller in Barrington, Cambridgeshire. I felt it was time to take up the challenge and to track down William & Mary's ancestry.

In tracing the shipping records for the Maria Hay it became clear that there had in fact been four separate migrations of Dellers from Cambridgeshire - and the challenge broadened - why had they all decided to leave the UK within a period of just nine years and how were they interrelated? Eventually this developed into an attempt to compile a complete history of the Deller family that originated in England.

Work is on-going, but I have decided to share what I have discovered so far in the hope that it may be of interest to others researching the family. Inevitably there are many unanswered questions and dead ends - if you feel you can shed light on any of these please get in touch.

A word about the Deller name. From my research so far it seems likely that the name first appeared in England in about 1500 around the village of Great Hormead in Hertfordshire. At that time it was normally spelt in the Parish records as Dellow or Dellowe. From there the name spread throughout Hertfordshire as well as into Essex and Cambridgeshire transforming into Deller in western parts of Hertfordshire and Dellar in Cambridgeshire. Smaller populations settled in Berkshire and Bedfordshire before a major migration into London took place in the 19th century by which time people were much more commonly able to write, and the names became fixed.

I am collecting information and photographs relevant to the family, and will update the site from time to time. The site is organized to enable you to trace a person either according to their family name (Surname Index), or by where they lived (Master Place Index).

I hope the site is of interest to you and encourage you to let me know if you have any information that might shed more light on the Deller Family...